Why I Added Another Half-Marathon to My Schedule

by Jesse Lahey on March 9, 2012

For the last few years, my first endurance event of the year is in late April, and the last event is in late October or early November. That leaves over five months without a major event to look forward to … a long winter that can be a struggle to find motivation for staying in shape.

It’s true that it’s much more fun to prepare for an event when the weather is nice outside. However, by adding the Miami Beach half-marathon to my calendar, and picturing myself with J. J., my dad, and 2,500 fit people running together in an exotic location, I hit my winter workouts with a lot more enthusiasm.

As the event grew closer, we three guys grew more and more excited. On the morning of the race, gathering in the dark with the other athletes, we felt like we were at a huge party.

At the half-way point, Dad and I were slowing down due to the heat and probably a bit of dehydration, but we still felt pretty good.

J.J. stayed with a group of pacers and never slowed down (he paid for it later, with a slight injury and significant soreness for the next few days). Dad and I, like most of the other runners, ran slower and slower as the tropical heat picked up. We had intended to push hard during the last 5K, but even a slight increase felt as though we were sprinting. So we trudged through to the finish line, picking up my worst time by far.

However, I’d never before run this far so early in the year. We had great fun planning and making this trip, and now we are in great position to train for our best times for the Glass City Marathon next month.