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Extreme Man Cave

by Jesse Lahey on April 6, 2012

Extreme Man Cave.There are times when a guy really feels drained. He needs to get away from the pressures of the world, to decompress, to forget about life for a while. After some time in the man cave, a guy can emerge with new energy and perspective to make a difference in his world.

Today is Good Friday. Around the world, 2 billion people are remembering a guy who went into a literal cave, feeling pretty beat up by the world. In fact, he had to be carried into the cave, because he had been tortured and left to die of asphyxiation and loss of blood. It was a rough way to start a weekend.

When the new week began, however, he was back to life and ready to work. And now, he had a new kind of energy. It seemed like he was everywhere at once. That was some cave!

Of course, it wasn’t the cave that was special; it was the man.

And so it is, with you and I.

The world needed a savior, a hero. Throughout his life, Jesus demonstrated that he knew when to get away to re-energize, but he also knew when to step forward to serve and lead and even sacrifice.

The world needs you, too. There are people who need you to be their hero. Take time to re-charge periodically, whether that’s “man cave time” or whatever place or activity works best for you. Then step forward to serve and lead the world to exciting new places.


MCR-016: What Does Your Man Cave Mean to You?

by Jesse Lahey on February 16, 2012


Man CaveMCR 016: What Does Your Man Cave Mean to You?
Why a Man Cave? Man Toys: Ferrari 458 Spider and Craftsman Shovel. 20-Mile-March Workday. Creating Your Own Boundaries.

Why a Man Cave?

Jesse talks about why “Man Cave” is our theme. A Man Cave is an enjoyable, comfortable place to get away from the demands of the world and be refreshed — whether that means reading books like Jesse enjoys or putting “more power” in machines like Tim Taylor used to do on Home Improvement. But it’s not a selfish place, to spend long hours watching TV and playing video games. A Man Cave is about time and space to rest and re-recharge, to bring some balance back into life and avoid “killing the golden goose,” so that a guy has energy and inspiration to continue leading and serving others.

Man Toys

At $258,000, the Ferrari 458 Spider featured in the March issue of Popular Mechanics doesn’t fit in Jesse’s budget, but he does get geeked out about the Craftsman D-Handled Digging Shovel ($35).

The 20-Mile-March Workday

On the heels of talking about the 20 Mile March principle on episode 15, Jesse discovers the blog post “3 Things That Can Derail Your Success While Self-Employed” by Michael Good. Jesse realizes that applying the 20 Mile March to his workday — having both a lower limit and an upper limit on the number of hours worked each day — can ensure steady progress, avoid burnout, and provide margin to deal with the emergencies and opportunities of life.

Creating Your Own Boundaries

J. J. shares his disappointment that Safe House and other movies that look like fun Man Cave movies are rated R. Jesse talks about how he remembers being excited when he was finally old enough to decide on his own whether to watch R-rated flicks … and why, within a few years, he made the personal decision to skip them most of the time. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, but a general boundary that has helped him choose movies that he’s more likely to fully enjoy.

Sometimes, setting boundaries for ourselves in different areas of life can help us be stronger, healthier, and more positive. A great teacher on this concept is Henry Cloud, Ph.D., author of books such as Boundaries and The One-Life Solution.