About Us

About Us

Host: Jesse Lahey

Jesse is the president of Aspendale Communications, a firm of consultants and media creators that help businesses understand and influence their employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Jesse frequently speaks to audiences on a range of topics, including communication principles, intentional living, and leadership. Jesse and his wife Erin began as high-school sweethearts, and today Erin homeschools their four children and manages their hobby farm. Jesse enjoys skiing, boating, traveling, and hunting, and he competes in several triathlons and other endurance events each year.

Co-host: J. J. Lahey

J. J. is a home-schooled high-school junior who is also dual-enrolled at Kirtland Community College. For more than three years, he has served on the staff of Whispering Hope Ranch, a camp that uses horses to help at-risk kids become future leaders.  He hopes to continue working with the folks there for many years to come, since it’s been an incredible experience.  Some of his achievements include running his own web-design business for four years, and competing in a half-marathon and two triathlons.  His interests include gadgets, snowboarding, classic rock, deer hunting, and good books (i.e. Lord of the Rings, Eragon, and Ted Dekker novels).  In addition to co-hosting and co-writing the Man Cave Radio show, he is the producer for this show as well as Erin Lahey’s weekly podcast, Small Home Farm Radio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you making a radio show that’s just for men?

There are many resources that provide entertainment and encouragement designed especially for women. Unfortunately, we have found that most shows that might otherwise appeal to men tend to be “downers.” Since we have a passion for high-quality entertainment and communication, we decided to help fill the void with Man Cave Radio.

Also, a few years ago, while conducting research for a large company that hired Aspendale Communications to help improve the physical health of their primarily male workforce, we learned that when men are inspired in a positive direction, it can mean good things for the women and children in their lives. Men have unique gifts that are needed by their family, their employer, and their community; our hope is that Man Cave Radio not only entertains guys, but challenges them to make a positive difference in their world.

Is “man cave” an anti-woman thing?  What’s up?

Women rock! But a lot of men need space once in a while to relax and do guy stuff, without worrying about how the women in their lives will react. Most guys don’t want to live in a Man Cave, but they’d like to be able to escape there once in a while to talk smack with their buddies (or just be alone), ignore all the other compartments of their lives, and recharge so they can fight the battles facing them when they step back out of the cave.

But really, do you mean women can’t listen to the show?

It’s a free country. If you’re the type of person who wants to waste time talking about the stuff we’re interested in, feel free to join us — but please doesn’t complain about the chip crumbs on the couch.